Dedicated Fixed Wireless Service

Faster Speeds and lower costs compared to traditional 1.4Mbps T-1 connections. Can be added to your existing network to provide a more reliable redundant internet connection. Provides reliable connectivity for users that demand consistently high-bandwidth internet throughput. Dedicated services are perfect for apartment, office or condominium owners who provide internet connectivity to their tenants.  Designed for multi-conneciton office environments who's bandwidth demands exceed traditional usage.Supports VPN and VOIP for remote employees with public IP addresses available upon request.

Point to Point / Point to Multi-Point Data Transport

We can build a secure wireless network to connect your facilities whether they are right next door or across town.  (Some line of site limitations may apply.) Faster and less expensive than traditional wire-line Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint connections.

Enterprise / Retail / Hospitality Wifi Networks

Perfect for hotels, office buildings, churches, campus and other locations that require multiple indoor or outdoor wireless access points for effective wifi coverage. Wifi network access for businesses and their customers.  Secure segregation between guests and "production" users. Managable by on-site staff and remotely managed by Cascades Computing with service level agreement. Control what devices connect to your network and how your customers and guests access the net. Powerful equipment capable of gigabit speeds at up to 600ft.Easily expandable from one to hundreds of wifi access points.

Enterprise Services

Fiber Optic Connectivity / Fiber to Wireless Last Mile

Lower pricing and increase speeds that are unmatched by the national carrier "copper" connections Service up to 1Gbps (1000Mbps) available in many areas.Wireless last-mile transport allows clients to avoid cost prohibitive fiber builds that are keeping them from getting the service they need.Allows for Fiber-optic speeds where direct fiber connections are not available or are not located nearby. Garfield, Oakesdale, Tekoa, Palouse, Colton, Uniontown, Colfax, Pullman, Albion, Rosalia, Spokane, Airway Heights, Medical Lake, Davenport, Reardan, Wilbur, Harrington, Odessa, Ritzville, Othello, Dayton, Pomeroy, Clarkston, Asotin, Waitsburg, Walla Walla, Coulee City, Colville, Republic, Tonasket, Kettle Falls and many other locations throughout eastern Washington