Terms & Conditions

​Speed is burstable up to the advertised data rates listed above. Sustained rates for extended downloads average 60% of the burstable rate. Advertised prices and packages are designed for residential and basic business use. Speeds are quoted as "up to" and could vary depending on certain conditions such as upstream provider availability and customer location. All pricing is subject to a twelve (12) month service agreement.


Garfield, Oakesdale, Farmington, Tekoa, Thorton, Pine city, malden, Rosalia, Latah, Fairfield, Davenport,  Palouse and most of the surrounding areas and locations in between.

Frequently asked Questions

Is your service similar to satellite or air card?

It is neither.  Our service consists of a fixed wireless network using a series of wireless transmitters to serve our customers.  Each customer has an exterior mounted "radio" that sends and receives signals from our "towers" to their home or business.  The size of our equipment can range from only a few inches square to roughly the size of a small satellite TV style dish.

How is your service better than satellite?

The primary reason is because our latency (the time it takes your data to travel back and forth) is generally much faster than satellite.  Secondly, (to many folks just as important) we do not assign a maximum monthly usage limit.  We only cap bandwidth under unique circumstances to protect the integrity of our network.

How is your service better than an air card?

Cellular service in many areas can be unpredictable and spotty at times.  Air cards operate on the same networks as cellular phones and depending on your location or signal strength you may have limited speed or service.  Our equipment is installed and tested to operate with a stable signal at a fixed data rate.  Unlike many cellular providers, we do not impose low data usage limits or require you to "share" your allotment between devices.

What type of activity do you NOT allow on your network?

We do not allow activity that is disruptive to network operation, is related to hacking or intrusion, file sharing networks, illegal conduct or other activities identified in our terms of service.

Installation Process


Once we receive your call or email requesting a site survey we may be able to determine if service would be available based on your address.


We visit your home or office (at no charge) and confirm whether or not our service would be available to you.  We would survey your property for the best location for equipment installation and ensure you are happy with our recommendation.


We perform the equipment installation and run the necessary cabling for your internet service.  This may take a couple of hours and will require access to the residence or business during that time.


We configure your local computer or router and test your connection.  YOUR ONLINE!